Thursday, July 13, 2006

As Promised

This is my first "real" project spun on a wheel. This is a beautiful corridaile top. I am amazed at how quickly this spun up, and how thickly! This is a very heavy yarn, but still quite soft. It is a two-ply, which should knit up into a very warm scarf at some point.

Here are some earlier attempts at spinning on the wheel. Both are blends from the leftover fiber from spinning classes at springwater.

This is one of my discoveries from the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. It is called Jacob wool, and the three colors you see here are natural tones from the same animal! It is nice to use fibers that look great undyed.

Speaking of dying, though, the four skeins you see here are one of my biggest spinning projects so far. There is almost 400 years here! I spun these up from some roving I had dyed previously with Kool-Aid. It was Yellow, Purple, Blue and Red, and clashed horribly. So I overdyed it. Now, it has a wonderful veregation. And it will make some wonderful socks.

Here you see a hat. Well, its not a hat yet. It will be hat for a great friend of mine, but for now it is quite a large amount of handspun. This is an amazing merino top that I bought pre-dyed at Sheep and Wool, that I am increadibly excited to use.

More on these yarns as they get knit up.


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