Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm sorry, I'm sorry

I havn't posted for a while. I am a bad little monkey.

But I hope this makes up for it.

First of all, updates on projects:

1) I abandoned the sock. Singular. I will try again...oh yes, I will.

2) I FINISHED THE SCARF. And HOLY CRAP its long. I am so glad to have this done, Miss Snowth really appreciates it, and not to gloat, it looks great on her. Sadly, I forgot to actually get a picture of her in said scarf, but here are some shots of the finished product:

A (badly shot) close-up of the patterning. I don't know if you can tell here, but it is an X and O cable pattern. The Yarn is hand-painted and not a consistant verrigation, which adds a great effect.

I am not exactly sure why, but this scarf just about _doubled_ in length with blocking. Its size is displayed here by the lovely Miss Page. Notice the blotching of the colours here...I love it. (for reference, Page is 5'3")

3. Photos from Maryland Sheep and Wool

The Group Knitters were the stars of MSW, and here we are, knitting away on a beautiful art shawl. This is a truly communal project, with everyone deciding together when and where to change texture, fiber, and when to stop.

Hokay, back to work. Hopefully, I will soon let you know about my upcoming projects.

Friday, May 05, 2006

how you know you think about fiber too much

Me: I love the way a size 7 double point feels in my hands
Friend: you totally need to write erotic knitting stories
Me: uhm
I don't know how that would work...

...and then, as he licked my pleasure-trail, I picked up the loup to M1 for the shoulder shaping
ssk, he said to me, ssk...
Friend: then i asked: plain or purl
he shivered with pleasure
Me: and responded: cable me
see, this isn't so hot
Friend: put it on your blog
it is so hot
Me: uhm

Thursday, May 04, 2006

can someone tell me how to rotate pictures in this program?

wrist warmers, for those in the borial climates

April is last month. April is also a great friend, and looks great in her new, snazzy wrist warmers.